Wedding Packages


Each wedding day is unique and requires something different to capture it.


This package covers:
- The Ceremony
- Family Group Shots
- Couple shoot


This package covers:
- The Ceremony
- Family Group Shots
- Couple shoot
- Reception coverage until first dance


This package covers:
- Bridal party getting ready  
- The Ceremony
- Family Group Shots
- Couple shoot
- Full reception coverage

Central to my photography is a relaxed and candid feel, from the couples shoot to the photos of the guests. I aim to fit right into your wedding day, to be flexible and capture each element of your day, telling its story. 

Additional Services

Second Shooter

No photographer will be able to capture every detail of your wedding day.  Having a second shooter provides more coverage, producing a wider variety of shots from the day.  The kind of things they photograph can be tailored for each wedding, but typical things they capture are the groomsmen getting ready, multiple angles and moments of the ceremony, venue and the day as a whole. The second shooter is another professional photographer who works with me as a team on the day, I have few reliable photographers that I work with. There is an additional cost for this service. 


You are free to choose whoever you like to provide prints for you, but there are a variety of options and quality to choose from. The firm I use are trusted and provide great range of prints and photographic products. Should you be interested in finding out more about this then just drop me an email. 


Although there are different packages available, there are a few things that stay the same regardless what you choose. Below is some helpful information that will hopefully answer any questions you have.

Do you do engagement photoshoots?

Yes - I would be delighted to take photos for you in the run up to your big day.  Send me an email and we can chat it through logistics further. 

When will the photos be ready?

Within 8 weeks of your wedding. You will receive the photos via an electronic transfer, once you have them, they are yours and you are free to do with them what you wish. 

What's different about each package?

Beside the time and the range of photos you'll receive, not too much. Regardless of what package you choose you will still have the photographer there ready and excited to capture your special day. 

So you would like me to photograph your wedding. What's next?

Once you have sent me an initial email letting me know the date of your wedding,  we will arrange a time to meet, either over a coffee (I'm a flat white kind of girl) or Skype. Once your deposit has been paid to confirm booking, closer to your wedding I will send you a form to fill in so that every party is clear one what is happening on the day. 

What does the deposit do? 

Paying the deposit secures your date in the diary. You will be asked to pay the full amount before the wedding.  Further detail on this can be found in my terms and conditions.  Paying the deposit also confirms that you agree with the terms and conditions. See them at 

More questions?

Drop me an email at