Four hours ferry ride of the west coast of Scotland sits the Isle of Tiree, the most westerly islands of the Inner Hebrides. This 12 mile long island does not boast great mountain ranges but superb coastline with an abundance of beaches and wildlife which grace its shores. Unspoilt and raw, this island draws you in with its ever changing light, skies that appear to be painted.

This island is home to a variety of islanders who live among the alluring beaches that line all sides of this island.

It is small and special place not only to the islanders but many people who pass onto its shores annually. Whether seeking the surf or simply the sanctuary of serenity that the island brings.


"Tiree is surfers paradise on the west coast of Scotland. The beaches, the big sky and the feeling you are on the edge of the world... Nothing more special surfing as the sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean.

What draws me to Tiree is the feeling of leaving everything behind as you sail up the sound of Mull and BBQ on the beach while the sunsets and spending quality time with family and friends. It's magic!"