The Farm

A farm where those who work there seek to encourage, challenge and love those who come into their care. 'Happy Hens' is a charity that work with teens who come on a weekly basis, these kids have a variety of differing reasons why they come. Daily the farm sees up to a handful of teens a day who work alongside those on the farm, learning from them, pushing their own boundaries and in turn growing in confidence and skills. 

The teens mainly work with the 12,000 chickens that the farm has to produce eggs for our supermarkets. Additionally they get to work with cattle and sheep, and of course feed Fi, the token pig, experiencing how a fully functioning farm works.

The farm is run by a small but strong staff team and a group of volunteers who come throughout the week. Happy Hens was set up by a couple who questioned what they could do to love others around them with what they have.

Out of this questioning they decided to build a massive chicken shed on their farm and the charity was born. They, as the others who work there, have a heart to see change in these kids, for them to become the more they believe they can be.

'After a successful career with BT and involvement for in 40 years of youth work; including Campaigners, Boys Club, BBs, Youth fellowships and SU camps. I need something to fill my days. I heard about the project and felt that the part time job was suitable. It hopefully gives me a chance to point the pupils in the right direction and also make a GOOD experience for them.

Working outside and with all the animals is a therapy in itself. I do trust that I can make a small difference to the pupils who come and have a good time. Though (in my retirement) I do get to potter in my shed on the other days.'