"As a small business I am constantly seeking ways to tell my brand story to my customers and Ciara has been instrumental in helping me accomplish this. Once briefed on what I am hoping to achieve with each shoot I feel she requires very little direction, she is intuitive and delivers every time. She is an outstanding photographer and I adore the quality of her work. Whether we are shooting in the mill, the studio or a field I know I can rely on Ciara to produce stunning imagery that aligns perfectly with my brand."

- Rosie Sudgen | Cashmere Designer

Ciara was wonderful to work with; an incredibly friendly and approachable person which is exactly what you need from a photographer. This particular project required sensitivity, and I couldn’t have been more happier with the way Ciara interacted and approached individuals to capture the right imagery. Her professionalism is matched with enthusiasm and her charm makes everyone feel at ease. I would highly recommend working with Ciara, you won’t be disappointed.

- Louise Hutson | Social Bite

Ciara is not only a superb photographer but she is an absolute delight to work with, she has the type of spirit, attitude and humour which really makes each shoot a pleasure to do. We can see a beautiful progression and growth in our brand imagery since starting to work with Ciara. Due to Ciara's ability to immerse herself in your shoot and become one of your team it allows you to step back and enjoy the process without feeling like to have to give much direction which is a fantastic advantage to have when time on shoots is so limited to start with. I look forward to working more with Ciara and seeing our brand imagery further mature under her fun and watchful eye!

Alex Hogarth | Murray Hogarth

Ciara was an absolute delight to work with. I’m not a particular natural in front of the camera, but easily chatting whilst she snapped away meant I got a series of candid photos that I forgot she was even taking at the time. Super flexible, super creative, and super funny – I massively recommend! 

- Laura Whitehouse | Graphic Designer

Ciara is an exceptional human being. Her affable spirit and approach to work helped produce some truly amazing, beautiful, and candid shots for our company. We couldn't be happier with the result. A huge recommendation from us, and I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future!

Connie Jones | Bright Care

Ciara is a brilliant photographer to work with and produced excellent images for my charity's winter campaign. Last winter, in my role as Marketing Team Lead for Bethany Christian Trust, I was tasked with providing PR support around our Care Shelter in Edinburgh. When I thought of potential photographers I could work with, I contacted Ciara without hesitation. Ciara is a joy to work with - both professionally and on a personal level. Ciara brilliantly captured residents at the Shelter in a style that was creative yet suitable with our brand. Not only does she have a superb eye for detail in her portraiture, she was an absolute natural when engaging with the residents. She interacted with residents, some of whom were extremely camera shy, with ease and treated them with the utmost respect and dignity - as a charity we appreciated her sensitivity around the nature of our work. I cannot recommend her enough!

Rachel Moreland | Bethany Christian Trust

“Ciara I would like to thank you for the pictures you took of me. They came out so beautifully and you made me looking amazing! You also went above and beyond in helping me organise the project. In fact you did most of the work as all I did was turn up for the shoot. You helped me think about the type of outfits I should have for the day. You also managed to get me some designer cashmeres from Rosie Sudgen, which I wore for some of the shots . You got me makeup artist Suzanne Christie, who did a wonderful job on my makeup and hair. On the day itself, you directed and took charge of where we would take the pictures and the poses I should do. You were creative in your direction of the shoot. I felt at ease and special. I extremely enjoyed the day and the experience. The day went very well. I was really pleased with the results. Thank you for your work and helping me with this project!”

Jacqueline Ndoro | Personal Project

We had a photo shoot done with Ciara as a gift to my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary. We went for a walk in a beautiful wooded area of Edinburgh and Ciara took candid family shots as well as set photos. We got them back and everyone was delighted with them! The editing and quality of the photos and just the way she had captured such precious moments in a very natural way was brilliant. Ciara is easy-going, chats away to everyone to make them feel at ease and was brilliant with the kids meaning we got some amazing facial expressions from them. I hugely recommend her as a photographer. Check out her Instagram account and website to see the beauty of her work and the vast range of photography that she covers. 

Kathryn Ross | Personal Project

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