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- Rosie Sudgen | Cashmere Designer

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- Louise ?? | Social Bite

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Alex ?? | Murray Hogarth

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- Julie Riddle | Highland Safaris

“Ciara I would like to thank you for the pictures you took of me. They came out so beautifully and you made me looking amazing! You also went above and beyond in helping me organise the project. In fact you did most of the work as all I did was turn up for the shoot. You helped me think about the type of outfits I should have for the day. You also managed to get me some designer cashmeres from Rosie Sudgen, which I wore for some of the shots . You got me makeup artist Suzanne Christie, who did a wonderful job on my makeup and hair. On the day itself, you directed and took charge of where we would take the pictures and the poses I should do. You were creative in your direction of the shoot. I felt at ease and special. I extremely enjoyed the day and the experience. The day went very well. I was really pleased with the results. Thank you for your work and helping me with this project!”

Jacqueline Ndoro | Personal Project