New Scots

This project involves working in conjunction with The Welcoming, an Edinburgh based charity which helps newcomers to Edinburgh feel at home and contribute to life in Scotland.

It challenges the normative Scottish stereotype by looking at the identity of refugees and immigrants who now call Scotland home and it questions what a different life and identity means to these New Scots.

Vilo from The Canary Islands

When talking about Scots and the English language Vilo shared “It is a very pretty language (English). It is a happy language. I think it is difficult also!” 

Muhamed from Syria

When discussing what in Scotland reminded him of home Muhamed said "The Welcoming is like Syria because in Syria if we ask anybody to help, they come. And here, I see that. I see that in Scotland. They like to help." 

Rouzalin from Syria

"I miss my home in Syria. Edinburgh castle reminds me of the old buildings in Syria, and the mountains and snow remind me of Lebanon. The homes in Edinburgh are lovely. I look forward to the day I can afford to live in a house like I used to with my parents."

With a desire to want to make a lasting contribution in her new home, Rouzalin shares, “My dream for the future is to get my career back in architecture either by continuing to teach at university level or having my own practice. Also, since a child I’ve been dreaming of doing some acting.”

Petr from the Czech Republic

“I was stunned by the 7 hills of Edinburgh. I had climbed them all within my first two weeks here. I love the castles. I’ve visited 6 look out towers in Scotland. My favourite is Calton Hill. These towers are quite similar to look out towers in my home country"