ARAN Barkery

Situated in the historic Dunkeld, this beautifully formed bakery is easily found. Not only by the streams of locals popping in and out but by the scent of fresh bread flowing down the high street. 

Isle of Colonsay

Situated in the Inner Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland. This island boasts a diverse landscape and unique community with only 135 inhabitants dwelling on the island. Lying south of Colonsay is the Isle of Oronsay. During low tide, it can be assessed by foot, it homes a priory dating back the 14th century. 

Outer Hebrides

On this trip, Harris and Lewis were the focus. With the interchangeable weather, so typical of Scotland, this trip saw the ever moving sky of these islands as well as the rawness of the landscape.


Had the honour of being interviewed about my work by the Scottish cashmere designer Rosie Sugden.

As fellow creatives, we discussed our passions, influences what makes us tick.

To read the full interview click below.

Ballingtaggart Farm

Set amongst the hills of Perthshire sits Ballingtaggart Farm. This unique farm regularly hosts feast nights where previously unacquainted guests dine together. There is an air of community amongst the guests as they feast through the evening. 


2016 has been a fantastic year, here is a cross section of the past year. These stills are from Scotland and the Balkans.


Situated on the coastline of Montenegro is the small town of Kotor. The old town was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Kotor is filled with history and medieval architecture, the old town is surrounded by city walls which has protected it for centuries. The tall building within the walls seem to replicate the height of the mountains in the surrounding bay. There are myriads of little alley ways and streets walked through for generations that give the town a real sense of history and permanence. 


Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital city Sarajevo with fusion at its core, this city boast a real variety of religion and of culture. This has been known for its long and rich history over the years, from WW1 to hosting the 1984 Winter Olympics and latterly at the centre of a civil war. The city still carries the scars of this conflict, both within the walls and the hearts of the people who lived through it. Sarajevo is now rebuilding its identity and forming into something new, some beautiful.