Human of St. Andrews

Stories are powerful. They can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They can change the way we look at people, so that those who we think are hovering in the background suddenly become the focal point.

Here is one woman's story. 

"One of the worst things I have done was probably when I pretended my younger sister Hebe bit me. She was a big biter and ate anything in her way and one day she chewed up four of my crayons. I was so mad I marched to the end of the house, bit my arm so hard I drew blood and blamed it on Hebe. She was sent to bed with no dinner for being so naughty. I got two ice creams that night. I told her years later and I think she is still a little bitter about even now." 

St. Andrews Cathedral

In the mist of this historic town lies the remains of a once great cathedral. Destroyed by fire, the ruins of this place of worship still holds remnants of its once great and majestic beauty.