Had the honour of being interviewed about my work by the Scottish cashmere designer Rosie Sugden.

As fellow creatives, we discussed our passions, influences what makes us tick.

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Ballingtaggart Farm

Set amongst the hills of Perthshire sits Ballingtaggart Farm. This unique farm regularly hosts feast nights where previously unacquainted guests dine together. There is an air of community amongst the guests as they feast through the evening. 


2016 has been a fantastic year, here is a cross section of the past year. These stills are from Scotland and the Balkans.


Situated on the coastline of Montenegro is the small town of Kotor. The old town was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Kotor is filled with history and medieval architecture, the old town is surrounded by city walls which has protected it for centuries. The tall building within the walls seem to replicate the height of the mountains in the surrounding bay. There are myriads of little alley ways and streets walked through for generations that give the town a real sense of history and permanence. 


Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital city Sarajevo with fusion at its core, this city boast a real variety of religion and of culture. This has been known for its long and rich history over the years, from WW1 to hosting the 1984 Winter Olympics and latterly at the centre of a civil war. The city still carries the scars of this conflict, both within the walls and the hearts of the people who lived through it. Sarajevo is now rebuilding its identity and forming into something new, some beautiful. 


The only national park in Slovenia, Triglav was established in its current form in 1981. This area is part of the Alpine region stretching all the way from France to northwestern Slovenia. The great peaks of Mount Triglav serve to be the highest in the Julian Alps and the Rivers Soca and Sava feed the Black and Adriatic seas. 


The isle of Vis, is as far as you can get from mainland Croatia. There are two main towns, Vis and Komiza, on this island known for its fishing community as well as vineyards. The myriad of little streets of these towns, hold the history or the land. This relativity unspoilt Mediterranean isle has seen many much in its past. It spent many years as a Yugoslavian military base, where foreign visitors were not allowed until 1989. Many of its in habitants have long family ties with the island, going back generations. 


An ancient isle, the fifth largest island found within the mediterranean sea, surrounded by aquamarine waters. Its history is deeply embedded in their culture. It spans back to the Minoan civilisation as well as the Roman and the Ottoman Empire's. This greek island is home to such warm and welcoming inhabitants who make the island what it is today. 


Is an ancient city situated in southern India, it is now only a shadow of it past glory. In times gone by Hampi was a bustling centre for Hindu worship where followers would come on a pilgrimages as it is claimed to be the birth place of Hanuman. They still do to this day. During the middle of the 16th century a Talikota war took place and many places of worship were destroyed, although glimpses of these ancient times still remain, scatted across the city.

The Dam

Above the shores of Loch Tay, sitting within the Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve lies a Hydro-Electric dam. This dam, alongside others in the same scheme, creates enough power supply about 65,500 homes.

There is strong feeling that you are part of a Bond classic when walking on and around it. The sharp contrast of creation verses created, concrete verses nature. In late spring the snow still clings to the surrounding hills highlighting the magnificent peaks.

Human of Anstruther

Stories are powerful. They can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They can change the way we look at people, so that those who we think are hovering in the background suddenly become the focal point.

Here is one woman's story. 


"Used to work in Next doing all the postal orders, took retirement and thought I would take on a wee job... didn't think I would be here 13 years on."


The Farm

A farm where those who work there seek to encourage, challenge and love those who come into their care.

'Happy Hens' is a charity that work with teens who come on a weekly basis, these kids have a variety of differing reasons why come. Daily the farm sees up to a handful of teens a day who work alongside those on the farm, learning from them, pushing their own boundaries and in turn growing in confidence and skills. They mainly work with the 12,000 chickens that the farm has to produce eggs for our supermarkets. Additionally they get to work with cattle and sheep, and of course feed Fi, the token pig, experiencing how a fully functioning farm works.

The farm is run by a small but strong staff team and a group of volunteers who come throughout the week. Happy Hens was set up by a couple who questioned what they could do to love others around them with what they have. Out of this questioning they decided to build a massive chicken shed on their farm and the charity was born. They, as the others who work there, have a heart to see change in these kids, for them to become the more they believe they can be.


This past year has been filled hearing unexpected stories and the people they belong to, as well as seeing some magnificent places, both at home in Scotland and further a field. 

Here are some of my highlights of the last year. 

Human of St. Andrews

Stories are powerful. They can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They can change the way we look at people, so that those who we think are hovering in the background suddenly become the focal point.

Here is one woman's story. 

"One of the worst things I have done was probably when I pretended my younger sister Hebe bit me. She was a big biter and ate anything in her way and one day she chewed up four of my crayons. I was so mad I marched to the end of the house, bit my arm so hard I drew blood and blamed it on Hebe. She was sent to bed with no dinner for being so naughty. I got two ice creams that night. I told her years later and I think she is still a little bitter about even now." 

Human Of Edinburgh

Stories are powerful. They can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They can change the way we look at people, so that those who we think are hovering in the background suddenly become the focal point.

Here is one man's story. 

"The very process of carving stone excites me every time I approach it. Watching the form emerge as I carve the excess material, and being responsible for something as rigid and formidable as a stone being reduced to a swathe of soft fabric is in equal parts, both a joyful and perplexing thing.

Regardless of the scale or complexity of the project at hand, I still go to work with the same eagerness that I did when I first started carving. Each piece of stone has it's own unique beauty, formed over millions of years, and it is a privilege to be the one to reveal it"