Food Glorious Food

Stellar Health is all about nutritional therapy, this shoot was to convey the work that Mary at Stellar Health does - curating a personal plan to optimise your health. Working with good foods and your own body this shoot wanted to show who Stellar health are and what they do.

Shot on location in Portobello, Scotland.

Book Release

Exciting news, been working with the amazing Beth Pearson, collaborating to make a book - The Coorie Home. We’ve been looking at what makes a Scottish house a home, how different people live around the country, both past and present.

The book will be released in October 2019, so watch this space. For now I can show you the front cover!

August Update!

Book can now be preordered!

Judah + the Lion

Featuring the band Judah + the Lion for Good Grit Magazine’s May/June 2019 - Culture Issue. This article was shot in location in Nashville, TN. The focus of this work was to capture the band, to communicate the community of who they are, family.


Taking portraits is my favourite thing to capture, especially when we get to go and surround ourselves with plants at the same time. Shot on location at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens.


Always a delight to work with Araminta Campbell, her work is do beautifully crafted and carries the heritage of Scottish textiles so well. Her work clears shows her inspiration of nature.

Good Grit

Had the honour of shooting the cover shot for November/ Decembers issue of Good Grit Magazine. An American magazine focusing on the ‘Character of the South’, whilst showcasing things further a field. Guest editing for this months edition was Annie F. Downs, the covers subject, an author writer and speaker.

New Zealand

Went exploring around New Zealand for November, a country that I can only describe as Jurassic. Deep beauty in both people and land, a country with such has such rich colours everywhere you look.

Social Bite

Social Bite is on a Mission to Build a Collaborative Movement to End Homelessness in Scotland. They do this work through many avenue, one of them is running Social Enterprise Cafés throughout Scotland as well as a Restaurant Vesta.

The Fishmongers

RAW popup is a new innovative pop-up restaurant, seeing to connect fork and farm. Knowing where their food is sourced and how is the very essence of RAW. Fish mongering is one of the skills that they do in-house, learning from the experience of others who have decades of experience in the industry.

New Scots

This project involves working in conjunction with The Welcoming, looking at the identity of refugees and immigrants who now call Scotland home and it questions what a different life and identity means to these New Scots.

This project is currently on exhibited in the Scottish Parliament and will be on tour around Scotland at various locations thoughout the year. 


Working in Italy this last week, teaching photography. We were all over Tuscany in small little hamlets to the bigger cities. Here are a few still from my time there.