'I have always spent the majority of my time in the kitchen. This could be cooking, or working, or eating or (sometimes) studying - our kitchen is very much the centre of the house. So I suppose I didn’t really think it could be a career, more of a way of life. I have always been artistic and I wanted to make sure I kept that element in whatever I did. And I am a big maths nerd so trying to find a path that included both elements is tricky.

If I am honest food was probably always a secret aspiration, but one I wouldn’t allow myself to consider.'

'I regularly fib about the amount of alcohol in things. Willow (who is 11) is often fed very boozy puddings. I just tell her its either espresso or really dark chocolate.... and I once served a cake made entirely out of caster sugar and told people it was sugar free. I had tried to make one with honey twice and both times it had gone horribly wrong, so in the early hours of he morning I knocked up a basic sponge and sold it as the honey number. My friends were so impressed with the “natural sweetness”. Baking bad I think is the term!'

'One of the worst things I have done was probably when I pretended my younger sister Hebe bit me. She was a big biter and ate anything in her way and one day she chewed up four of my crayons. I was so mad I marched to the end of the house, bit my arm so hard I drew blood and blamed it on Hebe. She was sent to bed with no dinner for being so naughty. I got two ice creams that night. I told her years later and I think she is still a little bitter about even now.'