'Creativity is one of those things that can feel just like breathing when you are inspired - but completely drive you up the wall when you are trying to come up with ideas or designs uninspired. Its important to create the space and time for ideas to come naturally, and take opportunities to find those things that get you excited and itching to create.'

'Nature has always fascinated me, I love the variety of shapes, colours and textures that can be seen in a landscape. Scotland is my home and birthplace, and its influence can be seen in all my work; from the natural forms recreated in my handwoven pieces, to the naturally dyed colours of my embroideries and the patterns of my tweeds.

The first thing I would do would be to go for a walk and start drawing out the details I notice that are unique to that landscape. Then begins the process of these initial thoughts being combined with the miriad of ideas that tumble around in my head, creating something completely new and often a bit unexpected! The designs then get tested out in embroidered or woven pieces, and eventually when I am happy with them make their way into a finished piece!'