'I once heard a theologically inclined pianist describe creativity in a way that I really liked. Almost everything can be seen more accurately as a re-creation rather than a creation: when a painter paints they are reshaping the colours they have to form a picture, but it's not 'creation' in it's truest form. Similarly with music...everything exists within a framework we've been gifted - the scales, the sounds, the way we form words musically...and we've just got the job of kind of putting that all together in a way that makes a story or a noise that is pleasing or meaningful or whatever.'

'When it comes to songwriting I guess I'm inspired by all the artists that I have an appreciation for on some level. Almost anything that is heard and that has some heart or soul or cleverness behind it is inspirational - often something just catches you in the right mood or a beat or melody connects with you in a certain moment and makes you want to pick up an instrument or throw around some music with a friend. 

More generally in life I suppose we are inspired by the stories of our friends, stories of hope and often by reminiscing on good times. Invariably it's the things that stir us up the most and give us some sort of reaction that inspire us...'

'After a performance it's often a feeling of relief above anything else, and depending how it's gone... usually there's a sense of satisfaction in looking around at your 'bros' and enjoying the act of playing together.'

'I've only one experience of someone else performing a reworking of one of my own songs, that's a really sweet thing - it's incredible what the different sound does to it, and it really takes the song and makes it in itself the focus rather than any part me or the band had in putting it together...'