The only national park in Slovenia, Triglav was established in its current form in 1981. This area is part of the Alpine region stretching all the way from France to northwestern Slovenia. The great peaks of Mount Triglav serve to be the highest in the Julian Alps and the Rivers Soca and Sava feed the Black and Adriatic seas. 

Running the length of 138km from start to finish, the emerald waters of the Soca River are one of the many features of Triglav. 

The region also contains many lakes, from the famous Lake Bled to the beautiful and relatively unspoilt Lake Bohinj. The later boasts clear glacial waters encased by high valley walls. 

Further east the popular Lake Bled is picturesque, with crystal blue water, the famous castle and the iconic island beckoning visitors. 

Only a few hours south of Slovenia's national park lies the countries capital, Ljubljana. Along the myriad of streets lie some delightful and quirky cafes, bars and shops. A city of authenticity which resides on the banks of a river and sits below a historic castle.