An ancient isle, the fifth largest island found within the mediterranean sea, surrounded by aquamarine waters. Its history is deeply embedded in their culture. It spans back to the Minoan civilisation as well as the Roman and the Ottoman Empire's. This Greek island is home to such warm and welcoming inhabitants who make the island what it is today. 


A small village in the hills of the Rethymnon region of Crete, a rural community known for it dedication to pottery.

Families often carry trades, skills passed down from generation to generation. This village is no different. 

This greek potter proudly carries that mantel which his father gave him, and his fathers father before him. 


An island just of the coastline of mainland Crete. It is an place showed by intrigue, having featured in books and films due to this. 

This is not an natural island but was formed originally during the Venetian occupations as a military base, the island has gone on to become a leper colony started in 1903. The last inhabitant, a priest, left in 1962. The lepers appeared to have a rich community tougher, remnants of what was left are still visible on the island today. This island holds an air mystery from its varied past.