Originally from the Highlands, Ciara Menzies is a Scotland based photographer. True to her Scottish heritage, Ciara has a passion for storytelling and this mixed with her love of people makes her a keen portrait photographer. This passion for visual storytelling has taken her to a number of places which much of her work reflects, such as ‘Herdsmen of Ethiopia.’ Since first using a disposable camera as a child, she has been trying to capture the essence of the world around her.

Today she delights in attempting to capture the essence of who people are and their stories through her photography. 

Ciara has a deep love and eye for colour and texture, which was further developed while studying art at Leith School of Art and this is put to use in all her work. An eager learner, she is continually developing as a photographer through ongoing projects and testing new techniques.

Currently living in Edinburgh where there is much to explore and capture, she can usually be found with a camera in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.


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